Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Monday on "Hannity" that though he has defended Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the past, the raid on Roger Stone's home was indefensible.

Christie said that, if the Mueller team knew Stone owned no weapons and had not posed a threat, then there was "no reason" for the show of force Mueller ordered the FBI to display in Fort Lauderdale on Friday.

"There's no reason except to intimidate [Stone]," Christie, a Republican from Mendham, said.

Christie, who noted he served for seven years as the federal prosecutor for the District of New Jersey, said the raid was an "inappropriate use of prosecutorial authority" by Mueller.

He also described his long friendship with President Trump and his regret that the media "draws [the president] like a cartoon character."

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Christie said that in his new book, "Let Me Finish," he talks about Trump and the concern the New York Republican had for his family after deciding to mount a presidential bid.

Christie said there are other stories in his book about people other than Trump, including disgraced former Gov. Jim McGreevey (D-N.J.).

Hannity also asked Christie, in his capacity as a former prosecutor, about Mueller's controversial appointment of Andrew Weissmann to his team.

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