Freshman Rep. Michael Waltz said Sunday on Fox & Friends that he sees a "massive lack of trust" in Democrats to negotiate in good faith on border security.

President Trump signed a spending bill on Friday that ended the longest partial government shutdown in history that will also keep the government open until Feb. 15.

Waltz, (R-Fla.), said he believes many freshman Democrats in Congress will come to the table to negotiate on border security.

"They understand we need border security, they understand we need to resolve these problems and going to shutdowns isn't the way to resolve it," he said.

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The deal reached Friday does not include any money to be allocated toward building Trump's long-promised border wall, something that top Democrats have vehemently advocated against.

Waltz added Sunday that the opposition to Trump's desires on border security is "blatant politics at its worst."

"I was standing in an empty Capitol building on Friday. So, the speaker sets the schedule of the House and at 11 a.m. on Thursday, everybody ran for the airports because [Pelosi] dismissed them," he said.

Waltz also said that a good number of Democrats are not looking to Pelosi for leadership.

"There is a massive lack of trust, and was just a few days ago, that if we re-open the government that the other side is gonna negotiate in good faith," he said. "The president has called their bluff now, and I think what he's done is we've reset the narrative."

Watch the discussion from "Fox & Friends" above.

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