Sen. Bill Cassidy said Saturday all of Congress except House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is conceding that a barrier along the southern border would be an effective way to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States.

Cassidy's remarks come after President Trump signed a spending bill Friday that ended the longest partial government shutdown in history and will also keep the government open until Feb. 15.

"If the product of this is that the American people are more aware of the need for a barrier at the southern border ... then the outcome will ultimately, at least, have a silver lining, that we will have more protection at the southern border," he said on Fox & Friends.

Trump's deal with Democrats does not include funding for any type of barrier along the southern border.

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The president noted during his announcement of the deal that if a deal to fund wall construction couldn't be reached before Feb. 15, he'd use his presidential powers to declare a national emergency.

Cassidy (R-La.) added Saturday that Pelosi is being "very casual" about securing the southern border.

He also said he'd be introducing legislation next week that would call for using money confiscated from drug cartels at the border to fund a wall, and added that about $4-5 billion is confiscated each year.

"It's become an article of faith among Pelosi and her kind of inner circle that they cannot give Trump a victory, even if it means securing our southern border. ... Now, that's a sorry state of affairs, but I'm hoping we can push through that."

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