A bishop in Albany, New York, called out Gov. Andrew Cuomo for citing his Catholic faith and supporting recent legislation that legalizes abortion up until birth.

Cuomo (D) signed the Reproductive Health Act on Tuesday, which he called "a historic victory for New Yorkers and for our progressive values."

Days earlier, though, the governor touted his Catholic faith during his ninth State of the State address.

In an open letter to Cuomo, Albany Bishop Rev. Edward B. Scharfenberger said it was "very difficult to understand" how the governor can cite his faith, yet advocate for such a "profoundly destructive legislation."

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Scharfenberger said Saturday on Fox & Friends that although Cuomo's bill advertised bringing more equality to women, it excludes the class of women who are unborn.

"It goes way beyond Roe vs. Wade in so many ways, so certainly I don't see it's something to celebrate," he said.

He added the governor's excommunication from the Catholic Church may occur if he continues to distance himself.

"I can certainly understand the outrage and the anger," he said. "My hope is that since his faith is important to him, he will reconsider the importance of maintaining that communion and not continue to distance himself."

Watch the interview with Rev. Scharfenberger above.

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