Longtime federal prosecutor and author Sidney Powell joined Mark Levin on "Life, Liberty & Levin."

Powell described Special Counsel Robert Mueller's top prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann, and her reservations about him.

Powell recalled how Weissmann forcefully prosecuted employees of the Arthur Andersen Accounting firm during the Enron litigation, in which the firm's obstruction of justice conviction was unanimously overturned by the Supreme Court.

Levin noted that Weissmann will likely author Mueller's final report on the Trump-Russian investigation, adding that prosecutors don't normally write reports but instead testify in court proceedings.

"[It'll be] a confidential report [but] Congress is going to demand it," Levin said, adding that the contents may be leaked to the press.

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Powell said she predicts the report will not be fair in one way or another to Trump, noting that Weissmann allegedly attended Hillary Clinton's "victory party" in Manhattan on Election Night 2016.

"Andrew Weissmann could write a report about you giving your mother a nice Christmas present -- and make it sound like a federal criminal offense," she said.

She said Weissmann is a "master manipulator of the media" as well.

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