Brian Kilmeade is in Texas to host a must-see Fox News town hall special, "Battle at the Border" (Sunday, 8pm ET), and during his visit he dropped by a San Antonio breakfast spot to see what folks think about the ongoing government shutdown. 

One woman named Kathy expressed her sympathy for the 800,000 federal employees who have not been getting their paychecks as the shutdown drags on, and she had a message for lawmakers.

"Pay these people!" she said. "They need food, they need gas to get to and from their jobs."

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A woman named Annalee said many of the big stories in the news -- such as Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe and the indictment of former Trump adviser Roger Stone -- do not affect her life, but the immigration issue certainly does.

"There were too many people coming across. And they put up some border fences, but it's not enough," she said. "And the people that monitor it just can't do all of it."

A woman named Mary echoed the sentiment, saying that the United States is a sovereign nation with the right to enforce its borders.

As for the shutdown, she said lawmakers need to understand that the American people want to see some sort of compromise that will reopen the government and secure border security funding.

Watch the clip above, and don't miss "Battle at the Border" Sunday at 8:00 p.m. on Fox News Channel!

The town hall special will be presented in front of an audience and focus on the nationwide debate on immigration, border security and the pressing issues affecting Texas voters.

Kilmeade will be joined by a panel of experts, Border Patrol agents and Texas lawmakers, including Gov. Greg Abbott and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Additionally, Fox Nation’s Tomi Lahren will preview the new content set to premiere on Fox Nation starting Thursday, January 31st.

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