Fox Nation host Tyrus said President Trump and Democratic leaders need to do whatever it takes to end the partial government shutdown, because it's affecting real people.

Nearly 800,000 federal workers have missed paychecks as the shutdown over border security funding stretches into its 34th day.

"This is a real thing that's affecting real people, so I really don't care whether you're a Democrat or Republican at this point. You're hurting the American people, you're hurting morale," Tyrus said.

He said if Trump plans to declare a national emergency and use an executive order to secure wall funding, he should do that immediately.

"I don't really care anymore about whose winning, whose fault it is, because if you ask regular people, they don't care whose fault it is either," Tyrus said. "It no longer matters which political person's gonna win, because no one's gonna win honestly."

Watch the discussion above, and see more from Tyrus on Fox Nation's "UN-PC."

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