Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby ripped the city's district attorney for what he called his "great disdain and dislike for law enforcement," saying it allowed crime to spike in town.

McNesby said D.A. Larry Krasner, a Democrat elected in 2017, made sweeping cuts to staff in the city prosecutor's office and has implemented policies that have led to far fewer cases being brought against defendants.

At the time, Krasner spokesman Ben Waxman told the Philadelphia Inquirer that the dismissals of staff constituted a "broad reorganization" of the office and that the prosecutor appreciated all of the individuals' service to Philadelphia. 

"Crime is up, there's 4,000 felons on the street [and people are] pointing fingers at police officers and the commissioner," McNesby said.

Tucker Carlson said that Krasner was strongly backed by liberal billionaire George Soros and stopped both prosecuting several crimes and seeking cash bail for others.

McNesby said Krasner has made "deals" with defense attorneys that have allowed for lax sentencing in some cases, and that sometimes the victims do not know about the agreements.

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He said that was most prominently true in the case of a West Philadelphia grocer who was shot during an attempted robbery by 29-year-old Jovaun Patterson.

Patterson was accused of approaching Mike Poeng while he was washing his car before forcing his way into the man's store and shooting him with an AK-47 last May, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

McNesby said that in Patterson's case, Krasner "cut a deal without the victim knowing, for three-and-a-half to ten years."

"I think he forgot the oath that he had taken to uphold the law and enforce the law in the city," McNesby added.

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