Pete Hegseth goes inside the mission to hunt down Saddam Hussein in a powerful new long-form documentary, available now on Fox Nation

In "Ace of Spades," Hegseth - a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars - delves into the behind-the-scenes story of Operation Red Dawn, which ended with Saddam being hauled out of a bunker by U.S. soldiers in Tikrit, Iraq, on December 13, 2003. 

After the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, the most-wanted members of the Iraqi regime were printed onto a deck of playing cards by U.S. military commanders and given out to troops on the ground.

Saddam, as the brutal ruler of Iraq for more than two decades, was the ace of spades in the deck, the most-wanted man in the country after fleeing Baghdad.  

"Ace of Spades" will look at the American lives lost in the operation and bring you the truth straight from the people who were there, including L. Paul Bremer, who led the Coalition Provisional Authority governing Iraq after the fall of Saddam's regime and Eric Maddox, a former Army interrogator who played a critical role in the mission. 

Maddox explained that Saddam had hundreds of bodyguards, but when the war began, he kept only one close to him. 

"It came to down to finding that one bodyguard. Could they find him? Would he talk? It was down to the last minute," said Hegseth. 

Watch a clip from the Fox Nation presentation above and sign up for a free trial today to watch the full documentary on-demand. 

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