On "Fox & Friends" Thursday, Michelle Malkin blasted the media's coverage of the confrontation between Covington High School students and a Native American protester.

The students were initially believed to be harassing the protester, Nathan Phillips, following the March for Life rally in Washington, D.C.

Subsequent video footage, however, revealed that the students were accosted and yelled at before Phillips and other Native American activists approached them. Another group -- the so-called Black Hebrew Israelites -- were heard shouting abuse at the students for wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

Some students and their families are reportedly considering taking legal action against media outlets for their inaccurate reporting of the incident.

"This is probably the most extreme and viral moment of media manufacturing of claims of racism that I've seen in the 25-plus years that I've been documenting these kinds of hoaxes," Malkin said.

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She said that many liberal journalists have an agenda, and it's much bigger than hating Trump or portraying "Make America Great Again" as a symbol of white supremacy.

"It's not just about liberal bias. It is about looking for fake evidence to amass some sort of case that half of America that doesn't agree with the liberal media on ideology is somehow a threat undermining our democracy," Malkin said.

She said the whole Covington incident is a "cultural Rorschach test," and she's not optimistic that liberals and the media have learned a lesson about leaping to judgment.

"It really is time to have self-reflection among the news media about their own contempt for half of America and what it's cost them."

Watch the clip above, and see Tucker Carlson's powerful monologue on the subject below.

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