Rep. Dan Crenshaw believes that several recent media blunders show that some reporting is "fundamentally anti-Christian." 

In a tweet Tuesday, Crenshaw (R-Texas) pointed to a lack of coverage of the March for Life, the false narrative surrounding Covington Catholic High School students and the "slandering" of Karen Pence for taking a job at a school that does not allow LGBT teachers.

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On "Fox & Friends" Thursday, Crenshaw noted that hundreds of thousands of people came out for the 2019 March for Life in a positive, optimistic demonstration of their pro-life beliefs.

"I was there, this was a great march, it was a great group of people. Didn't really get a lot of coverage," Crenshaw said.

He pointed out that that what did get extensive coverage was the confrontation between Catholic high school students and a Native American protester, and the vice president's wife working at a grade school that promotes a "biblical lifestyle."

"We've seen in the last couple months Democratic senators tearing apart judicial nominees because of their Christian faith," Crenshaw added.

"This is an ongoing crisis. And it's not right. And I think we should be speaking out against it."

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