Historian Victor Davis Hanson said the case of the Kentucky high school students at the Lincoln Memorial illustrated how facts "don't matter" and that the "big truth" in any situation is "predicated on race, gender and class."

Hanson said the students, particularly MAGA hat-wearing Nicholas Sandmann, were ripped by the media and the left while the assumed protagonist, Native American elder and activist Nathan Phillips, was given the benefit of the doubt.

He said that in the purview of today's society, "these students had everything going for them... [they're] white, male, Catholic, pro-life and had [Trump-supportive] hats on."

Hanson said that in contrast, if the students had been "of minority ancestry... and Mr. Phillips had been white and a real combat veteran humming a country-western song," the press and liberals would have covered the situation differently.

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"They wanted to get in on the social media lynch mob," he said. "The preponderance... is with identity politics."

Hanson said that the elites and those on the left tend to jump to conclusions that fit their worldview rather than studying the facts at hand.

"We're not empirical anymore. That's [apparently] for losers," he said.

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