Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Wednesday on "Hannity" that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has become a "nightmare" for her party as she swings farther to the left.

Graham said that Pelosi's "dislike" for President Trump is "hurting the country."

He said that in the Senate, moderate Democratic senators have been eager to discuss the issues with him in the days since the Pelosi-Trump feud intensified.

"There's a reaction to this far-left rhetoric in the Senate by more mainstream Democrats," he said. "There's a deal in the making."

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Graham said that as President Trump moderates politically, by offering to extend temporary protected status for DACA recipients, it increases the chance for the partial government shutdown to end.

"The harder Nancy Pelosi goes left and the more Trump goes to the middle, [the better chance] we're going to get this thing solved," he said.

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