On Fox Nation's "One Smart Person" Wednesday, Greg Gutfeld and author Michael Malice broke down President Trump's expert "troll game."

Malice pointed out that the term "trolling" has become synonymous with "taunting," but it has a more precise definition.

"Trolling is specifically when you act in a certain way that causes the party you're interacting with to turn into a performer for the sake of the audience," Malice explained.

He pointed to when Trump gave out Sen. Lindsey Graham's phone number at a rally during the 2016 campaign, to which Graham responded by releasing a video on how to destroy one's cell phone.

"You break your own phone, your phone number's the same," Malice said. "And ... you're out a phone. So it's like if I borrow your car, I scratch it, I give it back to you, and you're like, 'I'll show you, Malice. I'll drive it off a cliff!' You got trolled."

"So, he's the best troll we've ever seen, because he trolled his way into the White House."

Malice said another of Trump's trolling highlights was his repeated mocking of Sen. Elizabeth Warren over her claims of Native American heritage.

"For a year, Trump has said, 'Pocahontas, take the DNA test,'" he said. "She took it ... and then he goes, 'Who cares?'"

Gutfeld said Warren essentially "shot herself in the foot" by releasing the results of the DNA test, which revealed "strong evidence" that she has a Native American ancestor dating back six to ten generations.

"She didn't have to come clean. She took the test in secret," Malice pointed out. "She chose to release the results of the test. She sat down with people and she goes, 'You know what, I'm going to put this issue to rest once and for all.' Yeah, that's not what ended up happening."

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