A chaperone who accompanied the students from Covington High School on their trip to Washington, D.C. explained the viral incident from his point of view Tuesday on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Jim Wilson said that the group of students from the all-male Catholic high school in Kentucky were behaving themselves and occupying their time before some adults began yelling at them.

The boys were initially believed to be harassing a Native American protester, prompting threats across social media toward them. However, subsequent video revealed that they were accosted and yelled at before activists approached them.

"They started doing their school cheers to kind of off-set the noise that was being presented to them while they were waiting for the bus," Wilson said.

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He told Carlson that he believes people who weren't even present for the incident are mischaracterizing it because of "the poor judgement of whoever took that story and ran with it."

"Then it just fed on people's worst expectations and that's why myself, my wife, the community people there ... we all got involved and started pushing back on social media," Wilson said.

The weekend incident will serve as a learning experience for the young boys, Wilson added.

"Right now we're all hurting. We don't like what has happened to our sons, to the boys that we've watched grow up, be attacked like this," he said.

Wilson also said that people in the community with names similar to the students' families have also been receiving death threats.

He also said that the boys are embracing the school's slogan: "A spirit that will not die."

Watch the interview above.

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