Former Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina said the press' continued coverage of the confrontation between a Native American activist and a MAGA hat-wearing student is a "sad reflection on where we are politically and media-wise."

Gowdy, a Republican from Greenville, said both sides of the argument are instantly prescribing motives to the opposing political camp.

"Take time to get to know someone before you assign motives," he said. "I see what happens when the media decides to make something viral."

Gowdy said that the public discourse has devolved into one side always opposing another, and that it takes away from stories of "fellow citizens being kind and considerate to one another."

Martha MacCallum asked Gowdy about the teen seen in the video of the situation being criticized, sometimes in a racially charged way, because he was wearing a hat associated with President Trump.

Gowdy said that he is "stunned that folks can look into other people's hearts" in that regard.

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He said that some Republicans have tarnished the record of the party when it comes to civil rights and minority issues.

Gowdy said that when he looks at today's GOP, he sees people like his friends Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina and Rep. Elise Stefanik from New York State's North Country.

"The rhetoric coming from some Republicans is indefensible," he said, singling out Iowa Rep. Steve King.

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