On Fox Nation's "Deep Dive" Tuesday, Pete Hegseth hosted an in-depth conversation on whether the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is necessary and if the United States should remain a part of the alliance.

Gen. Anthony Tata (Ret.) explained that NATO is a bulwark between Russia and Eastern Europe, and the U.S. is "clearly the alpha" in the alliance.

"The question really is, how to we manage NATO? How do we lead NATO, because nobody else could do it," Tata said. "As the alpha, if we pull out of NATO, it becomes very weak and then we can't predict what's going to happen."

For the sake of the argument, Hegseth asked the panel why the U.S. should defend Eastern Europe.

"Why does it matter to a family in Michigan who's barely getting by, who looks at our budget, who looks at our national debt of $20 trillion and wonders, 'Well, if Vladimir Putin decides to take the Ukraine, how does it affect my life?'"

Daniel Kochis, policy analyst in European affairs in the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, pointed out that the NATO treaty obligates the U.S. to defend Tallinn in Estonia the same as it would Tallahassee, Florida.

"If the United States cannot live up to that commitment, I think that's something we need to be honest with our allies about," Kochis said, adding that U.S. involvement is a symbolic "line in the sand" that Russia knows they cannot cross.

Hegseth agreed that the U.S. is the indispensable world superpower and a "force for good."

"But America also can't be everywhere, and the application of that force doesn't always have the outcomes we desire."

The conversation stemmed from a recent New York Times report which stated that President Trump told aides several times in 2018 that he favored a U.S. withdrawal from the alliance. 

Watch a clip of the discussion above, and see the full "Deep Dive" episode and much more on Fox Nation.

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