Covington Catholic High School canceled classes Tuesday after threats of violence were made against the students over the now-viral incident over the weekend in Washington, D.C.

The threats stem from a video clip that first emerged on Saturday and gave an inaccurate impression that Kentucky high school students were harassing a Native American man, Nathan Phillips, following the March for Life rally.

People on social media were quick to denounce the students as trolls. Many people, including Kathy Griffin, called for the students to have their private information revealed on social media -- a practice also known as doxxing. And a freelance Vulture journalist wished death on the students, which resulted in his termination.

Subsequent video footage, however, revealed that the students were accosted and yelled at before Phillips and other Native American activists approached them. Another group -- the so-called Black Hebrew Israelites -- were heard shouting abuse at the students for wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

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In a YouTube video Monday, two Covington students, identified as Sam and Grant, spoke out about the abuse and threats they have received. 

"There have been many threats against our lives, against our parents," Grant said. "Some of these threats include that we should all be locked in the school and it should be burned to the ground, the school being bombed, school shooting threats."

He said it's "really scary," and there was an increased security presence at the school Monday.

"A lot of the negativity and the hate surrounding this event comes from people on social media doxxing people that were at the event," Sam said.

He revealed that he wasn't even at the event, but he's been vocal in defending his school and his classmates, and he's been doxxed on three separate occasions.

"This has led to a tsunami of hateful messages and threats and everything above," Sam said.

Grant said he was also doxxed, but many of those social media posts have since been deleted because people don't want to face the backlash.

"It all spews from a 30-second clip taken out of a two-hour video out of context, and people jumping to conclusions before the full story was released," he said. "Nobody did their research, and it's now showing."

Watch the mother of a Covington student who chaperoned the trip to D.C. speak out below.

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