"Special Report" anchor Bret Baier and his family were involved in a serious car accident while departing from a ski vacation near Bozeman, Montana, Monday morning. 

Baier released a statement Tuesday, explaining that they were driving to the airport in icy conditions when the car flipped over. Baier, 48, his wife, Amy, and their young sons, Paul and Daniel, were taken to a hospital but have since been released. 

Baier said a passing motorist, named Zach Black, stopped to help the family before first responders arrived. The anchor noted the importance of always wearing a seat belt and said the family left the hospital "banged up, but alive."

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The news was first shared Monday night on "The Late Show," where Baier was scheduled to appear Tuesday night with Stephen Colbert.

“We just found out that he and his family were in a car accident in Montana,” Colbert said, telling the audience that Baier and his family were going to be OK.

Speaking on his show, Baier told his viewers to count their blessings, as he emotionally recounted the ordeal. He said the SUV he was driving hit an icy patch, skidding out of control and into the oncoming lanes of traffic.

A pickup truck slammed into his driver's side door and the SUV ended up flipped on its side in a ditch along the road. Black stopped and helped Baier hold the passenger side door so the family could climb out. 

The pickup driver, meanwhile, called 911 and the Baier family escaped with minor injuries, including a concussion, 14 stitches on a chin, a loose tooth and a sprained ankle.

Watch the clip above.

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