Judge Andrew Napolitano slammed the means by which the FBI can obtain warrants under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), after it was reported that a former top lawyer for the bureau was personally involved in the warrant application to surveil Carter Page.

As Fox News' Catherine Herridge reported, James Baker told House investigators last fall that he was briefed on the warrant, which relied heavily on the Christopher Steele dossier.

Napolitano, Fox News senior judicial analyst and host of Fox Nation's "Liberty File," said Tuesday that FISA has a "low standard" to obtain a search warrant, much less than from a federal judge.

"The standard [for FISA] is, has this person ever spoken to a foreign person, to a foreigner," he said on Fox & Friends. "So I could talk to my tailor in Midtown Manhattan and that would justify the FISA warrant on me."

Baker also told investigators that he got involved in the warrant process because he wanted to ensure the FBI was "filing something that would adhere to the law and stand up over time."

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Napolitano added that when the FBI is unable to get the "more difficult" warrant, they opt for the "easy one."

"That has corrupted them, and that has enabled them to gather evidence by unconstitutional means and that's what they did to the president," he said.

He said it was obvious that some people within the FBI an agenda to make Trump "stumble," stop him from becoming president or oust him once elected.

"We keep getting snippets of this evidence," Napolitano said. "If they can do this to the president of the United States, they can do it to anybody."

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