Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield extended an official invitation to President Trump last week to deliver his State of the Union address away from the nation's capital.

Chatfield's offer comes after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for a delay of the annual address until the government reopens.

Pelosi urged Trump in a letter of her own to either agree upon a new date for the State of the Union address, or deliver it in writing.

Chatfield (R) wrote that he and his chamber "are willing to put people before politics," and said Monday on Fox & Friends that it's important Americans hear from the president despite the "dysfunction" in Congress.

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"Even as a Republican speaker, I have found that the success of our Democratic governor means the success of the state of Michigan," he said. "I'm gonna fight every day for that success, and I'm hopeful that Washington Democrats can do the same thing."

Chatfield said that although he'd prefer Trump's State of the Union to take place in D.C., "Michigan is open and ready at his convenience."

Following Pelosi's request to delay the address, Trump denied the speaker military aircraft for a foreign trip "due to the shutdown."

"I am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate," Trump wrote.

Chatfield added that there needs to be compromise in Washington, and that elected officials need to "put people above partisan, petty games."

"I think it's unfortunate, and I think we're all suffering because of it," he said.

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