Mark Steyn reacted to the weekend controversy over the interaction between a student in a Trump campaign hat, an activist who is a member of a Native American tribe, and a group called the Black Hebrew Israelites.

Steyn said that when he was a student he was not into "dystopian" sci-fi novels, where "people live atomized, dehumanized lives" at the hands of effectively mechanical leaders.

But, after seeing the display on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Friday, he said he understood how the novels "got from chaps in sports jackets... to the dystopian society."

Steyn said that thanks to social media organizations "controlling human knowledge across the planet," initial reporting of the incident made the student, Nicholas Sandmann, look like the aggressor and the one at fault.

However, as Tucker Carlson reported, the full video, lasting over an hour, was later released, showing the students being subjected to anti-white slurs before the Native American elder stepped in and started beating his drum.

Steyn said that many critics -- both on the right and left -- jumped to condemn Sandmann.

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"Cyber-jackals are loosed fairly randomly to destroy people's lives in nothing flat," he said. "This is evil."

He said that powerful people on the right, like writer William Kristol and on the left -- like actresses Kathy Griffin and Alyssa Milano -- appeared fine with "destroying nobodies."

Steyn said that when people like Kristol accept initial premises without further investigation, it shows that "the right fights on the left's terms" at times.

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