On Fox Nation's "Deep Dive," Steve Hilton hosted Bill Bennett, Lauren Cooley and Steven Hayward for a fascinating, in-depth discussion on the politics of education and PC culture on college campuses.

Bennett, a Fox News contributor former Secretary of Education under President Ronald Reagan, lamented that the entire education system -- not just universities -- fails to instill in students a love and appreciation for America.

"A lot of young people really have no idea what kind of country this is. They know nothing of its history, they don't know what happened when, they don't know why Lincoln called us the last, best hope of this Earth, which we are, were and still are," Bennett said. "And that's a very serious problem."

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Cooley, Red Alert Politics editor for The Washington Examiner and a guest speaker at colleges, said she is beginning to see a "revolution" brewing against PC culture in education.

"A lot of students are feeling disserviced as young academics," Cooley said, arguing that intelligent students -- no matter where they fall politically -- are insulted by the concept of "safe spaces."

"Because it's gotten so bad, there's a lot of students saying, 'Look, I'm all for diversity.' And that includes diversity of thought, that includes being able to have a conversation."

Bennett revealed what he tells people when he is asked how to "fix America."

"We've got to go to the schools and teach people what they need to know, and what they need to love and to revere," he said. "That in the long story of inhumanity and misery that is human history, the American achievement is unique and high. They don't know that."

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