The son of a man who is presumed to be held in captivity by the Syrian government publicly asked President Trump to help free him, in an exclusive interview on "The Story."

Majd Kamalmaz traveled to Damascus in 2017 after the death of his father-in-law, Trace Gallagher reported.

One day into his trip, his taxi was stopped at a government checkpoint, and after being taken into custody there was no further sign of Kamalmaz.

Since then, Gallagher said, Kamalmaz' family has worked with the U.S. State Department to find proof he is still alive.

Khalid Kamalmaz joined Ed Henry on Monday to ask for President Trump's help in releasing his father.

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Kamalmaz praised Trump's efforts in the past, noting he has successfully overseen the release of Americans held in China, Turkey and North Korea.

"We want to ask him to do the same for our American father," Kamalmaz said, adding that Majd "loves America and has been here all his life."

He said that his father's absence has been hard for his family, noting that the elder Kamalmaz now has grandchildren he has not yet met.

"What gives us hope is Donald Trump's success," Kamalmaz said.

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