House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of California said that "people have suffered enough" because of President Trump and that a real leader would re-open the part of the government that has been shuttered since December.

Schiff, a Democrat from Burbank, told CBS News that Trump is dragging out the shutdown because of "sagging poll numbers" and a "broken promise" to his base that the Mexican government would pay for a border wall.

Schiff also blasted Vice President Mike Pence, who preceded him on that network, saying that he should have known Trump's attempt at a border security-government shutdown compromise "wasn't going anywhere."

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"[Trump] said he'd be proud of [a shutdown]. He needs to put an end to it. People have suffered enough," Schiff said. "Put an end to this, and continue negotiations. That's what a real president would do."

Schiff called Trump's border wall proposal a "false song-and-dance act" and added that the president intensified the problem by working toward stripping Obama-era "DACA" protections for the children of illegal immigrants.

In the interview, Schiff also reacted to a BuzzFeed news report that Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. Catherine Herridge reported on those remarks on "Shepard Smith Reporting."

Watch more from Schiff's interview below, and Herridge's report above.

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