Dueling demonstrations are planned for Washington, D.C., over the next few days, with the March for Life Friday and the Women's March on Sunday. 

A larger crowd is expected for the annual pro-life rally than then generally anti-Trump demonstration that has drawn support from celebrities in recent years, "Fox News @ Night" reported. TownHall.com noted that the media spent more time covering one Women's March than six March for Life events combined.

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The keynote speaker at the March for Life, Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro, joined Shannon Bream Thursday to respond to those who say the pro-life rally is anti-science. 

A column in Media Matters stated, "For years, the anti-abortion movement and its allies in right-wing media have erroneously and frequently claimed that anti-choice arguments are supported by science," calling on media outlets to scrutinize the sources of those claims. 

Shapiro responded by saying all scientists say "human life begins at conception," and that arguments about "when human life begins to matter" is subjective and not related to science.

He agreed that scientific advancements, including enhanced ultrasound imaging of a baby in the womb, have spurred more and more young people to the pro-life movement. 

Shapiro said opposition to abortion by young people has never been based on religion and the media consistently "lies" about the pro-life movement. 

"The truth is the real momentum in the pro-life movement is about young people who have seen 3D and 4D ultrasounds, who have actually seen the pictures. ... That's a very convincing argument to young people," he argued.

Watch the full interview above.

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