Radio talk show host Larry Elder said Thursday on "Hannity" that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should understand why President Trump has not abandoned his campaign promise to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

"Nancy Pelosi, of all people, ought to understand the position Donald Trump is in," he said.

Elder said that in 2008, when Barack Obama was pushing socialized medicine -- which culminated in the passage of ObamaCare -- the idea was heavily favored by his base, but unpopular in other quarters.

He said that phenomenon was similar to Trump and his border security promise.

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At the time, Elder said, Pelosi was one of the voices pressing Obama not to abandon his promise due to unpopularity.

"Democrats lost the 'Ted Kennedy seat' [in the Senate] to Scott Brown" because of that promise, Elder said, adding that nonetheless, Pelosi urged Obama to press on.

He said that because of that experience, Pelosi should understand why Trump may not back down from his own pledge.

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