Jesse Watters responded to Democrats who blamed President Trump for the ongoing partial government shutdown that has furloughed or left unpaid hundreds of thousands of federal workers.

Watters said that Trump is taking the blame because those people are being hurt by his failure to sign a bill keeping the government open -- at the expense of not having proper border security.

However, he said the left wing never ends up being blamed when other Americans are put out of work in large numbers, citing the "war on coah" and illegal immigration allowing for artificial competition with American workers of a lower skill level.

"We don't hear the same concerns [in those cases]," Watters said.

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During the 2016 election, Democrat Hillary Clinton was slammed by some critics for going to Ohio and pledging to "put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania are historically strong coal-producing states with many workers in those fields.

Watters also said the outrage over the "manufacturing decline" in the United States brought on by "liberal policies" never meets the clamor against Trump at times like this.

"I just wish it was as balanced as it is today," Watters said of politically charged criticisms.

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