A furloughed Department of Housing & Urban Development employee in Texas spoke to Shepard Smith about the hardships she has faced as the nearly 30-day partial government shutdown continues.

Brenner Stiles of Houston said that the shutdown "completely changed [her] life" and that she "went through a series of different emotions."

"One day to the next, you don't know how you're going to pay your bills," she said.

Smith said that the shutdown is about "real people" and not just "numbers and politics."

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Stiles agreed, saying that it has gotten so tough for her to consider what comes next for her family that she has gone to her car to cry at times "so my children can't see me."

"It's very heartbreaking what American citizens... are going through because of politics," she said, adding that she had to tell her son not to sign up for his Spring sports team because of her budget.

She said she has leaned on family and friends to make it through the shutdown.

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