Michael Cohen, former personal attorney for President Trump, leveled a new allegation Thursday at Trump by claiming his former boss directed him to help rig online polls ahead of the 2016 presidential race.

Cohen tweeted the allegation after the Wall Street Journal published a story saying he paid thousands of dollars to an IT firm employee to try to boost Trump’s standing in two polls.

One was a 2014 CNBC online poll of the country’s top business leaders, and the other was a 2015 online Drudge Report poll of potential Republican presidential candidates. Despite Cohen's reported efforts, Trump did not do well in either poll.

The report says Cohen agreed to pay the vendor $50,000 for his services, but ended up only paying no more than $13,000. Still, the Journal reported that Cohen asked for and received a $50,000 reimbursement from Trump over the work.

On "Outnumbered" Thursday, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said this just reinforces that Cohen is "untrustworthy" and "shady."

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"We've learned that he lies, he steals. This is a guy who's done a lot of bad things," Spicer said. "The question is -- what Michael Cohen are we believing now? The one that's tweeting out trying to rehabilitate himself or the one that lied, stole and deceived folks?"

He noted that the report says Cohen also paid the vendor to create a “@WomenForCohen” Twitter account to promote himself. That account, created in 2016, is still active today and describes itself as an account for “Women who love and support Michael Cohen," describing Cohen as a "Strong, pit bull, sex symbol, no nonsense, business oriented, and ready to make a difference!”

Kennedy said it's "deeply troubling" that Trump had people like Cohen and Paul Manafort in his orbit.

"No one has really answered why the president allows himself to be surrounded [by] people like this," Kennedy said.

Spicer said most organizations have a "bad apple" or two, but Melissa Francis countered that Cohen was "right there next to" Trump for more than a decade.

Watch the "Outnumbered" discussion above.

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