House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of California blasted President Trump after his caucus' trip overseas was postponed via a White House letter.

"Certainly, the Speaker's office is in communications with the Defense Department about this," Schiff, a Democrat from Burbank, said.

Before he spoke to the media, Schiff appeared irritated as he stepped off an Air Force bus, clutching his coat and walking briskly toward the Capitol complex.

He said the move by Trump "sounds like it was another impetuous act of a president who has trouble controlling his responses."

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Schiff called the cancellation "fifth grade conduct" and said that "whatever [Trump's] motivation," his committee will continue to "do oversight" of the government.

"The president's decision to disclose a trip that a [House] speaker is making to a war zone was completely and utterly irresponsible in every way," Schiff later said, referring to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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