Former Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan said migrant caravans will continue to make the perilous journey to the U.S. until the wall is built and loopholes in immigration laws are closed.

A new caravan of at least 500 migrants late Monday began its trek from Honduras to the southern U.S. border, reported.

This comes amid an ongoing migrant crisis at border and a partial government shutdown over disagreements about funding for President Trump's wall.

"The caravans aren't going to stop," Homan said on "America's Newsroom" Wednesday. "The caravans are going to keep forming, they're going to keep coming as long as the Democratic leadership continues to negotiate on the wall and refuses to close the loopholes that cause these people to come to the country in the first place."

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He specifically called out U.S. asylum law, the Flores settlement agreement and catch-and-release, arguing that those policies just entice more people to come to the U.S.

"Until the Democratic leadership closes the loopholes that encourage these caravans to form, they're going to keep coming," Homan said.

He slammed Democrats for continuing to oppose the wall, despite the fact that "every place a border barrier has been built, illegal immigration has declined."

He also noted that the U.S. and Mexico have agreed that asylum seekers would remain in Mexico while their claims are being processed in the U.S.

"I know they're working on implementation procedures. They need to get that done quickly, so when this caravan does get to our border, they can wait in Mexico while they make their claims for asylum."

Watch more from Homan above.

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