Former Texas congressman and libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul said Tuesday on Fox Nation's "Liberty File" that welfare incentives are drawing illegal immigrants to comes to the U.S.

Paul (R) told Judge Andrew Napolitano that people attempting to enter the country illegally shouldn't have an easy path to American citizenship.

"Hardly do I think that we have this moral obligation to take anybody who has defied our laws to come in," he said.

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Paul noted that when he delivered babies as a doctor in Texas, many parents who were illegal immigrants "immediately" got signed up for welfare.

Although many illegal immigrants come to the U.S. for good reasons, he added, they still need to come the right and legal way.

"That's our fault, because we have put the incentives. I think incentives have a lot to do with it."

He said that some "impractical arguments" are being made for President Trump's proposed border wall, something he can't get "energized" over.

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