Fox News contributor Guy Benson said on America's Newsroom that he believes President Trump will reject House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's request for him to postpone his upcoming State of the Union address.

Trump is scheduled to deliver his televised annual address to a Joint Session of Congress on Jan. 29, but Pelosi (D-Calif.) suggested he either put those plans on hold amid the partial government shutdown or deliver his address in writing.

Pelosi noted in her letter to the president that "since the start of modern budgeting in Fiscal Year 1977, a State of the Union address has never been delivered during a government shutdown."

Benson, co-host of Benson and Harf on Fox News Radio, said that while he understands both sides of the argument, Trump ultimately will deliver his address as scheduled.

"My suspicion is that President Trump will say no thank you to this suggestion [and that] I plan on showing up as invited," said Benson. "I don't think that Trump's gonna play ball with this idea where Pelosi says 'let's not give you an opportunity to address the entire country in prime-time on this very issue with a captive audience.'"

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Benson also agreed with New York Democrat Brian Higgins, who was quoted as saying Pelosi is "a formidable congressional counter-balance to the White House."

"If you come for the queen, you better not miss. And they missed badly. Her critics, that is," he said, noting that the rejection by Democrats Tuesday to negotiate on border security signals they are sticking with the House Speaker.

He added that he wants to see a reporter ask Pelosi why she believes border walls are immoral.

"If they are, in fact, immoral, why not say tear down the existing walls if they are symbols and monuments to immorality?"

Watch the discussion on America's Newsroom above.

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