Fox Nation host Tyrus ripped razor manufacturer Gillette for an ad targeting men and "toxic masculinity" while warning of the dangers of sexual harassment and the like.

In the ad, Gillette -- owned by consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble -- praised the MeToo movement and used news clips from organizations like The Young Turks to warn about men committing acts of misogyny and sexual harassment.

"There's no going back," the narrator said. "We believe in the best in men."


Tyrus -- host of "UN-PC" on Fox Nation -- criticized the ad for using a line of men behind smoking charcoal grills chanting "boys will be boys," as a way to deride perceptively negative social norms surrounding toxic masculinity.

Martha MacCallum agreed, asking aloud what the reaction would be to a line of women baking cakes instead of men barbecuing.

"I'm all for a "hey, let's do right" ... kind of commercial," Tyrus said. "[But it] felt very isolated toward men."

"Any time you take one group and blame them for a problem, there's an issue," he said. "I wouldn't let my kids watch that commercial."

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MacCallum read a reaction from her husband, Daniel Gregory, in which he said that if men "have to be taught by a razor company how to be better moral people, then we're in huge trouble."

Gregory wrote that critics have unfortunately "taken down the Boy Scouts and Christian and community groups" and replaced them with corporations like Gillette, who assume the role of "teaching better citizenship."

Check out more below from Tyrus, Britt McHenry and Lawrence Jones on Fox Nation's "Un-PC."

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