Tucker Carlson debated an Obama foreign policy adviser over whether it is a civic offense to consider withdrawing the United States from NATO or discussing whether the alliance should be altered.

Carlson played clips from several "neocon" and liberal pundits and officials who warned that President Trump is playing with 25th Amendment fire if he considers such actions.

Carlson said the Soviet Union fell more than 25 years ago and that the Russian Federation that replaced it is in no state to "invade" western Europe.

"Why shouldn't we have a debate about Article 5 [which] obligates us to defend other [NATO] states?" Carlson asked David Tafuri.

He asked why the United States should commit major resources to something like "the territorial integrity of Estonia."

Several former Soviet states -- including those on the Baltic Sea -- that are now independent nations have joined with NATO, insuring that they have Europe and America in their corner should they need military assistance.

Tafuri said NATO has been "successful in the past and is a military [and] intelligence-sharing alliance."

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He noted how NATO helped "defeat the Soviet Union" and that Putin's Russia is "not the same, but trying to stamp out the rule of law [and] free markets."

Carlson asked Tafuri if he supports "start[ing] a nuclear war to defend Latvia."

"That's what we'd be obligated to do," Carlson said. "In other words, our kids get to die for Latvia because it somehow protects the rule of law to do that."

"Does the average American know we're on the hook for this?" Carlson said.

Tafuri said that if the Baltic states fall to Russian invasion, eastern and then western Europe would be next in the Kremlin's sights.

Carlson said his own argument is "based in 2019" and not 1945.

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