President Trump's attorney, ACLJ President Jay Sekulow, said Monday on "Hannity" that "every American should be concerned" about the actions of now-former FBI officials against President Trump.

Sekulow said that a few days after Trump fired then-director Jim Comey, a counter-intelligence investigation was reportedly launched against the president.

Sekulow said Trump had been informed multiple times he was not under investigation, and that he has the constitutional right to fire an official like the longtime lawman.

He said that a recent New York Times story reported that the FBI opened an inquiry into whether Trump was secretly working on behalf of Russia.

He added that later on, reports said there had been no evidence to support the investigation as of yet.

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Sekulow blasted that contention, and said "every American should be concerned" that Trump was treated in such a manner by the DOJ.

He said he has "nothing against" rank-and-file FBI agents, but that "the leadership of that agency at that time engaged in activity that was illegal and outrageous."

"Every American should be concerned," he said.

Watch more above and see Hannity's monologue below.

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