Fox News senior analyst Brit Hume criticized Iowa Rep. Steve King (R) for asking how "white nationalism, white supremacist, [and] western civilization" became offensive terms, but warned journalists against throwing around the term "racist" with "abandon."

"I'm sorry -- the juxtaposition of what's wrong with those terms and white supremacism is just too close for comfort," Hume said on "The Story."

"This whole episode is testament to... the great achievement of the Civil Rights movement," he said.

Hume said the Civil Rights Act itself is important, but its passage in the 1960s attached a national stigma to anyone who is labeled a "racist" and created a "national consensus against racism."

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"If you're touched with that label, you're in severe trouble. King is proof of that," he said, after a resolution condemning the lawmaker's comments passed almost unanimously in the House.

Illinois Rep. Bobby Lee Rush (D) voted against the resolution, saying he would rather King face the more severe punishment of formal censure.

Hume said that, though King's comments were reprehensible, some in the media have been to eager to label their political opponents racist.

He said that racism is "very specific" in its reference to racial superiority, and is not the correct way to characterize someone who demeans another faith like Islam.

Hume said the term "racist" is often "hurled around with abandon" at anyone the speaker deems untoward.

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