Newt Gingrich said President Trump should hold Congress' feet to the fire and demand a solution to the ongoing partial government shutdown and border security funding battle.

Gingrich, a Fox News contributor, appeared on "Hannity" Monday as the shutdown continued for a third week over Democrats and Republicans' inability to compromise on funding for Trump's long-promised border wall.

He noted that about 30 Democratic lawmakers traveled to Puerto Rico -- with their families and lobbyists -- for a winter retreat over the weekend.

"The president's position ought to be that we're not going to kick the can any further down the road, we're going to get it solved now. And he ought to call the Congress in and say, 'Look, you guys have an obligation to stay here and to focus on this,'" Gingrich said.

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He said he would not support Trump declaring a national emergency, and reiterated that he believes the president's strongest position on the issue is demanding that Congress does it's job.

He explained that declaring a national emergency would merely sidestep the central problem, which is that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the "hard-line, left-wing Democratic Party" are prioritizing opposing Trump over governing.

Gingrich suggested that Trump take a page out of the "Reagan playbook" and see if a block of Democratic lawmakers would compromise and vote with Republicans.

"The leadership's never going to cut a deal. They can't possibly cut a deal," he said. "They ought to start looking at what's the procedure to find 40 or 50 Democrats, combine them with the Republicans and get things passed on a bipartisan basis, in effect beating Pelosi and the left-wing of the Democratic Party."

Watch the "Hannity" segment above.

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