New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson said Tuesday on Fox & Friends that a new Gillette ad targeting toxic masculinity could lead to positive change.

The video promotes the mentality that men can do better at holding each other accountable for their actions, specifically sexual harassment and bullying. 

Watson, who plans to retire at the end of his team's playoff run, said he agrees with the ad's message "largely" and that men need to challenge each other.

"For whatever the reason [Gillette] decided to do this, good things can come from it," he said. "When we as men, when we as a culture, realize some of the things that we say, some of the things that we do and some of the things that we allow to happen around us can be changed if we're willing to step up and in essence be real men."

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According to Gillette press release about the ad, it begins with examples of actions that could be associated with toxic masculinity.

The statement then notes how the video is meant to show how men can set the right example for the generation.

Watson added Tuesday that men can be both tough and strong, as well as compassionate and loving.

"That's the part that we need very much in this country, not just when it comes to this topic, but when it comes to many others," he said.

Watch the full interview above.

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