Rep. Dan Crenshaw questioned Monday whether the trip to Puerto Rico by congressional Democrats was a good decision amid the deadlock on border security.

About 30 lawmakers traveled to Puerto Rico -- with their families and lobbyists -- for a winter retreat over the weekend despite the partial government shutdown.

"It sounds like they had a lot of fun. They've also been talking a lot about the plight that federal workers see themselves in," Crenshaw said on The Story. "They're not wrong about that, but if we're gonna talk about that then I don't know if these excursions to Puerto Rico are really the right way to handle that. We should be negotiating."


He reiterated that both sides of the aisle should be negotiating on funding for border security -- the cause of the government shutter -- but that Democrats haven't seemed to budge.

"Democrats said zero dollars for any kind of barriers on the border weeks ago, and they're still at zero dollars. That's not negotiating," the Texas congressman said.

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Crenshaw also noted that he is withholding his federal pay until the government shutdown ends.

He added that his fellow freshman Republicans have reached out to their counterparts on what a compromise would entail, but have not received much of a response.

"It's the word 'wall' that triggers them. ... It's semantics. Any security expert will look at this and say you really need a holistic approach, and physical barriers are a very obvious part of that," Crenshaw said.

Democrats need to come to the table on border security negotiations, he said, and that it isn't a solution President Trump should have to come up with himself.

"We're making the right argument. We are on the right side of this," he said.

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