Tucker Carlson debated former Clinton adviser Richard Goodstein Monday night on the Democratic Party's and official Washington's concentration on Russia and accusations that President Trump is in cahoots with its leader, Vladimir Putin.

At a press availability Monday, Trump called several disgraced current and former federal officials "known scoundrels" and "dirty cops" when he was asked about allegations of collusion.

Trump was speaking about ex-FBI Director Jim Comey, his deputy Andrew McCabe, and FBI Agent Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page.

Carlson told Goodstein it was unbelievable that investigators would take Trump's campaign-trail insistence on a better relationship with Moscow as evidence of collusion.

"There's nothing I'd rather do than have Russia friendly [with us] as opposed to the way we are right now," Trump said in a 2016 clip played by Carlson.

"He must be working for Putin," Carlson said in jest.

Goodstein said it is suspect that Trump "sided with Putin in Helsinki against our intelligence agencies," a contention Carlson said could have been Trump's way of voicing his divergence from "the neocon establishment."

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"[Trump] said to the Russians 'please steal from Hillary Clinton'," Goodstein later said, recalling Trump’s remarks at a campaign rally about Russia potentially gleaning information from hacked emails. Both sides have debated whether the comment was made sarcastically

Carlson said that what the Democrats are doing to Trump could be flipped on its head against a potential Democratic president like Kamala Harris of California.

He said that Democrats would be outraged if the FBI decided that her rapport with a particular country's government was suspect, using the fictional example of Uzbekistan.

Goodstein said that some in the Russia state press are possibly viewing Trump as a "stooge" of the Kremlin, noting that they see his actions as a "cue" to take liberties in Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe.

Carlson conceded that Moscow is acting wrongly toward Ukraine, but insisted that America's business should come first.

"So [Russia's] going to invade Liechtenstein next?" Carlson asked. "This is nonsense."

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