An Ohio firefighter saved an American flag from a Vietnam veteran's burning home, telling "Fox & Friends" Monday that he could not bear to watch Old Glory be incinerated. 

Allen Skomer, an eight-year Navy veteran and member of the Toldeo Fire and Rescue Department, was battling the early morning blaze Friday when he spotted the flag on the home's front porch.

Skomer said that because the fire was defensive and no one was inside, he was teaching a rookie an extinguishing technique and saw the flag with flames behind it.

"That kind of set off a little bell in the back of my head saying 'hey, that's not right,'" he said on Fox & Friends.

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Skomer then grabbed the flag and brought it to safety a safe distance away, resting it on the bumper of his fire truck

"I knew we were going to do a controlled burn and let the structure burn down safely," he said. "So I didn't want the flag to go up with it."

He said that his family has a military history and that he was always inspired to serve and give back to his country.

"To me, the flag is a symbol of a lot of the freedoms we enjoy and sometimes take for granted," he said. "Deep down inside it means something to me."

"The flag is a representation of that feeling, so I wouldn't want to let it just go to waste."

Watch more of the interview from Fox & Friends above.

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