Texas Sen. Ted Cruz blasted Democratic senators whose states have a high federal workforce, saying that the government would reopen if they put their constituents' "jobs ahead of partisan interests."

NBC News host Chuck Todd asked Cruz if President Trump should "give in" to Democrats in order to put the government workforce back on-the-clock.

Cruz (R) singled out Sens. Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, noting "there are a lot of federal workers in the Commonwealth of Virginia."

He said that the "second Schumer shutdown" would end if the two men came together "to put the jobs of the men and women of Virginia ahead of our partisan interests."

Democratic senators are largely united against Trump's demand for $5 billion in funding for a border wall with Mexico to stem illegal immigration.

Cruz called on Warner and Kaine to put the federal workers that make up a large amount of their constituencies "ahead of the fact that their base hates Donald Trump."

He said that if the two men would join with him, only five more Democratic senators would be needed to end the government shutdown.

Maryland shares much of the bulk of the federal workforce with Virginia, and their senators, Chris Van Hollen and Benjamin Cardin, are also Democrats who have opposed wall funding.

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"[Trump] is more than willing to compromise," Cruz added.

Todd asked Cruz why he was home in Houston instead of in Washington trying to have the government reopened.

Cruz said that it is normal for lawmakers to return to their states and districts on the weekend.

He said he met with 'Angel families' who have lost loved ones to illegal immigrant crime, as well as border patrol officials and Trump himself.

Cruz said that because of Democrats' "extreme position" that they will not accept any appropriation toward a wall, his time spent in Texas has been worthwhile while Washington is at a stalemate.

In an interview Monday on "Your World," Warner discussed Trump's one-on-one meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin last year.

"I was embarrassed for our country, the way Trump seemed to kowtow to [Putin]," Warner said.

Warner debated whether there has been enough transparency regarding Trump's contacts with Russian officials.

He added Trump says "bad words" about many world leaders and American Democrats, but does not speak ill of the ex-KGB agent.

Watch more above, and watch Warner's clip from "Your World" below.

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