The daughter of two furloughed federal employees said on Fox & Friends that her parents support President Trump's proposed border wall and are behind the partial government shutdown.

Tori Roberts -- whose parents work for U.S. Border Patrol and the Department of Veterans Affairs -- said she believes Trump's long-promised wall will help the issue of illegal immigration "tremendously." 

The partial government shutdown is in its fourth week, an all-time record for government shutdowns.

Trump tweeted Monday that he was "waiting all weekend" for Democrats to come to the table and compromise on border security, which caused the shutdown.

"President Trump is staying strong and that's a good thing to show Democrats how much we need that wall," Roberts said.

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Democrats are "a bit confused," Roberts added, because they supported a physical border barrier when Barack Obama was in office.

"I don't understand why Democrats are flip-flopping on this topic," she said. "The wall is there. It just needs to be expanded and built higher and better."

Roberts said that although her parents aren't currently being paid, her family is doing OK and that "it's worth it."

Her parents are happy to continue working, she added, because they know that they're "making a difference" for America.

Roberts, who lives in the Rio Grande Valley area in Texas, said that she has seen a noticeable difference with undocumented citizens in her school and community.

"A few bad influences have come into town," she said.

Last week, the acting chief of the Rio Grande Valley's Border Patrol sector told Pete Hegseth that 96 percent of foot traffic there occurs where no fencing is in place.

Watch the interview with Brian Kilmeade above.

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