Arizona rancher Fred Davis responded to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's repeated claim that a border wall would be "immoral," saying President Trump's long-promised wall would protect American citizens, including Border Patrol agents.

"They can't actually be on the border safely without that fence. It protects them, as well as the rest of the country," Davis said on "Fox & Friends First."

Davis, who invited Pelosi to tour his ranch near the U.S.-Mexico border in 2014 to see the immigration crisis firsthand, revealed that areas along the border near him have "no protection whatsoever."

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"This has been going on 40 years for us," Davis said, arguing that $5 billion for the wall would be a small investment, particularly compared to the costs of illegal immigration.

He cited troubling numbers from Border Patrol officials that reveal the border crisis is very real, including that one day this week South Texas border agents apprehended more than 400 illegal immigrants, including 133 who were not from Mexico or Central America.

"Those numbers should wake America up on what's coming to our country through the back door that's wide open," Davis said.

Watch the "Fox & Friends First" interview above.

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