Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale said Thursday that the "number one reason" swing voters are inclined to vote for the New York Republican in 2020 is because of his crusade in favor of strengthened border security and construction of a wall.

Parscale said that the 2016 election was "very grassroots" but that the 2020 bid includes "new technology" and a "much larger ground game."

He said that his team is very closely monitoring "swing voters" who disapprove of the president for reasons of tone, personality and the like, but may be inclined to support some of his policies.

"The number one reason they will vote 'for' him is because of his stance on border security," Parscale said.

Parscale added that, despite criticism for starting up a reelection campaign shortly after being first elected, his team is envisioning being able to get in contact with every potential Trump voter in the country.

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"We could have everyone that could vote for this president [filed] with a direct contact method by Election Day," he said.

He dismissed the potential of a Republican primary battle, from people like former Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

He added that top possible Democratic hopeful Joe Biden of Delaware "hasn't had much of a success record in the past."

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