Mark Steyn said a recent profane tweet by famed performer Cher about the partial government shutdown and border wall impasse in Congress helped his case that Democrats and celebrities have "extremely refined loser detectors."

Steyn reacted to Cher's tweet, which implored House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to "let [Trump] have his [expletive] wall" because people will starve or lose their homes during the shutdown.

Cher called Pelosi a "hero" and has been a routine critic of Trump.

Steyn also noted how "Daily Show" comedian Trevor Noah said Democrats should give President Trump the border wall funding before he finds out how much executive power he has if he declares a "national emergency." Noah too is a regular critic of the president.

"Cher seems to be the one person in the country who actually believes in 'government shutdown dinner theater'," Steyn said.

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He said that Cher has a "refined 'loser detector'" because she and others gravitate toward losing candidates and causes.

Steyn claimed Cher went to the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan, N.Y. on Election Night 2016 and "walked into an empty ballroom" after Hillary Clinton lost.

He said that now, Cher found her way to the battle over the border wall and has identified it as a losing prospect.

"She looked at Chuck and Nancy the other night [and said] that this is a loser for Democrats," Steyn said.

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