Brit Hume said Wednesday on Tucker Carlson Tonight that news network fact-checkers have fashioned themselves into "opinion journalists" because of how they conclude their alleged fact-checking.

Hume said fact-checking is a "vital" process in journalism, but that in the era of Trump, news anchors often trip over themselves to opine on the president whenever they can.

He said that one fact check of Trump's address to the nation "disputed" whether the president was correct in saying there is a "crisis at the border."

Hume said that the term "crisis" is a matter of opinion and not a specific statistic.

"When you start out trying to fact-check opinion, you're obviously off on the wrong foot," he said.

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He said another glaring example of a fact check inserting personal opinion was when a newspaper found Trump's claim of 266,000 people being arrested at the border to be true, but "misleading."

"Misleading is not a matter of fact," he said, adding that many journalists have an "impassioned ambition" to "get in on the opinion game."

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