Tucker Carlson debated a Democratic pollster on the reasons behind New York, California and Illinois leading the nation in regard to numbers of residents fleeing their states.

In 2017, the trio of states were the only ones to have more than 100,000 people move elsewhere.

"All three states are really hostile to normal people," Carlson told Bernard Whitman.

He noted that new California Gov. Gavin Newsom pledged sanctuary for all, no matter their immigration status, and that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told MSNBC he will institute a health care for all program.

Carlson said de Blasio is "further tax[ing] the middle class to provide [health care] to illegals," and called Newsom the "emptiest suit in politics."

Whitman, who worked with ex-New York mayor and media magnate Michael Bloomberg as well as the Clintons, said de Blasio's measure is actually an "effective, efficient and conservative approach to health care."

Whitman said that illegal immigrants and the uninsured already show up at emergency rooms because they are required to be treated or examined no matter their ability to pay.

He said the longtime policy is a "drain on health care money."

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Carlson said de Blasio was not offering a solution, but rather a solicitation for every person to fly into Queens whenever they needed a doctor to treat them for free.

"Why wouldn't this be an inducement for the world to land at JFK [airport] claim asylum and all of a sudden get the fruits of the most prosperous society in the world?" Carlson asked. 

He also disagreed with de Blasio's claim that the new program will only cost $100 million, telling Whitman that his staff calculated that amount to equal less than $200 per year for each uninsured or undocumented person.

"A colonoscopy costs 1,000 bucks," he said, adding that the city's middle class is shrinking amid a rising poor and rich population.

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